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Snaar3This intelligent multi-head megapixel digital camera for Camera Metrics Ltd and VisionRT Ltd (shown here with two remote camera head units) is currently entering production and is intended for use in specialist 3D imaging applications.

This application specific camera features a high speed MIPS processor, twin Ethernet ports, Serial and USB connections, Flash and SDRAM memory plus digital audio.

We included comprehensive boundary scan methodology in this design allowing comprehensive system testability. During the design process in conjunction with Camera Metrics we were also able to include flexible system expansion and specialised I/O for lighting control.

Unit designed for Mask Technology, Newbury, UK

Mask Technology Ltd, Newbury, UK (01635-522232)

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Castle Finance Direct

Mask Technology Ltd offer evidential video enhancement and presentation services

The MT1000 is a stand alone colour video image frame store and video processor with hand held remote control. This unit features a SCSI data and control port and many basic image processing algorithms. It is used daily to enhance surveillance video evidence by UK Police technical service units, and is often employed to present evidential video in court cases.

Coming soon: A re-engineered colour video frame store design offering USB connectivity and control, together with further image processing features

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