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Audio and Video designs

We have years and years of design experience in Video and Audio design, in both analogue and digital fields.

Circuit and pcb designs are coordinated and carried out in-house and our products naturally use multilayer cards with a mixture of through hole and double sided surface mount technology. By using local facility suppliers where possible, we are able to run quick, efficient and well controlled design projects.

We manufacture units to meet CE mark requirements and have submitted many items of video equipment for EMC testing to the CISPR-B IT equipment limits.

Some typical recent designs have included 8051 series and Alchemy MIPs processors, Philips and Analog Devices digital colour coder and decoder chip sets.

We also use various CPLD and microcontroller parts, Harris, Elantec and Maxim wideband analogue video amplifiers, Harris video data processors, Analog Devices and Crystal Semiconductor audio parts, Kendin PHYs and Sony CCTV camera chip sets.

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